15th Annual Golf Tournament

The 15th annual Kids Voting Alaska Golf Classic, held on July 12th at the Fairbanks Golf Course, provided a fun-filled opportunity for 17 teams to support an important civic program in Fairbanks, Alaska area schools. This 18-hole event, with its unique elements of the rule of the string, voting at each hole, and unlimited hot dogs available on the course, contributed to the event’s unqualified success.

This year’s Classic was especially competitive with first place honors going to an all-woman’s team that carded a 14 under par 58 in this scramble format. Tied after 18 holes, “Clarice’s Crew” held off “Coaches + 2” in a one-hole playoff to garner the day’s top honors. Regardless of their score, each team delighted in receiving a prize donated by local merchants and awarded at the luncheon following play.

Special honors awarded for longest drive and closest to the pin went to local golfers Heather Mathison, Kelsi Evans and Tom Taylor, Kristin Kiefer and Dr. Sam McConkey. As in previous years, these golfers received gifts provided by the Alaskan Congressional delegation of Senator Begich, Senator Murkowski, and Congressman Young. An unofficial award went to the mischievous red fox that roamed the second fairway for it success in capturing bright colored balls, much to the amusement of the golfers involved.

The tournament was originally established to celebrate and promote the Kids Voting program, which has become a mainstay in our local school district. In parallel fashion, participating golfers were invited to vote on various ideas and issues as they stepped on to each successive tee box. A sampling of these voting results found that Annika Sorrestam is our golfers favorite women’s golfer, crab the most desired Alaskan seafood, and voting as the most effective methods to influence government policy.

The last element making this Classic one to remember was the participation of past coordinators Gene Redden and George Roderick, the founder of the event.

Next year’s event promises to bring the same level of good-natured competition in support of our long-established Kids Voting program.

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