International Presenter

Sara Jane Ahmed is a senior at Knox College, a premier liberal arts school in Illinois. She is double majoring in economics and developmental finance & energy. She is from the Philippines and Bangladesh and has lived in the USA, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Denmark. Sara is the President of Omicron Delta Epsilon, an International Economics Honor Society, and the treasurer of the Student Senate. She has completed three research projects in development, microfinance, and energy as well as internships in the areas of law, consumer goods, port operations, and microfinance institutions.  Her highly structuralized and mostly planned out life shaped her into promising leader with international experiences and multi-dimensional perspectives.

She is the co-founder and chief financial officer of the Future Faces Manila Foundation Inc., and co-founder of Study Action of Rural Advancement and Security. The Future Faces Manila Foundation aims to maximize educational opportunity for children from low-income families by offering them tuition fee assistance to attend colleges in universities in the Philippines. The Study Action for Rural Advancement and Security aim is to provide the rural poor with freedom, capabilities, and opportunities to prosper and provide for their families, and respective communities. She is currently working on a project proposal to reduce energy poverty by installing a micro version of the feed-in tariff in rural Bangladesh to promote the micro-renewable energy deployment of solar panels and bio-gas systems.