Teacher’s Guide

“Engaging Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Civic Leadership” Symposium

Watch it live on Thursday, March 29th @ 9am EST


Watch the recording ANYTIME after March 30th at www.kidsvotingusa.org!!

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, shared these strong feelings about civics on

March 29, 2011 at the iCivics Conference:

  • The challenge today is to both boost civic knowledge and engagement and close the civics achievement gap.”
  • At its best, civics and history is about providing students with a sense of time beyond the here and now. It’s about ensuring that students have the skills and knowledge needed for meaningful participation in public life. It’s about not only knowing your opportunities but your obligations as a citizen.”

Kids Voting USA is carrying forth Secretary Duncan’s message exactly one year later on March 29, 2012 through its Washington, DC symposium. Educators will be able to view it “live” on that date or link out to it after the completion of the symposium.

KIDS VOTING USA believes the following:

  • Students need to understand how their government works.
  • Being informed voters and voting is critical to our democratic process.
  • Young people should be involved in making their schools, local communities, states, and/or the nation better places to be. We call this “CIVIC ENGAGEMENT”!
Kids Voting USA is here to help you address your local, state and national CIVICS STANDARDS!  We hope that our TEACHER GUIDE will be helpful.  Click here for the TEACHER GUIDE.