Childfund International Awards the Chiesman Center Funds

ChildFund International US Program has awarded funding to the Chiesman Center for Democracy to implement a project called “Civic Outreach with Outstanding Leaders” (COOL).

The Chiesman Center will partner with Rapid City schools and youth serving organizations to implement Kids Voting South Dakota® (KVSD) and Project Citizen with ChildFund sponsored children in Rapid City. Twenty to thirty high school students from the Rapid City Academy and St. Thomas More High School will work with elementary and middle school students in schools and afterschool programs in Rapid City. The high school students will attend training on leadership skills and KVSD and Project Citizen programming to prepare them to work with the younger students.

Under the guidance of mentor teachers, the high school students will mentor and coach the younger students at each of the sites. In the 2012 fall semester, the high school students will work with elementary school age students to implement Kids Voting. In the 2013 spring semester, the high school students will work with middle school age students to implement Project Citizen.

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