Election 2011 – KV Mesa County

Election 2011 is in full swing in Mesa County – and for Kids Voting. While the general election is mail-in ballot only, students in School District 51 are busy learning about the issues, interviewing the candidates and planning for their own computer-based election. Students will be voting on many of the same items found on the adult ballot and Kids Voting has resources available to help kids (and adults!) prepare to vote.
New this year, students and teachers will be using DoubleClick Democary for the actual voting process. KVMC Executive Director, Martha Graf, is excited to see what this will provide. “We are trying out the KVUSA version to save money and hopefully expand projects in our schools. This year is a test year. We hope we get lots of feedback from teachers who use it and make a decision about what to use next year during the BIG election,” explain Ms. Graf.
Additionally, the affiliate is teaming up with the League of Women Voters to offer a candidate forum. Students will run the evening, as school board candidates make their statements, and the pros and cons of the two different educational funding issues are presented by local residents.
Finally, the Daily Sentinel is supporting an activity titled, “Student Reporter Project” which is a series of articles written by students about issues and candidates.

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