KV MN Welcomes New Executive Director

Curtis Windham is the new executive director of Kids Voting Minnesota. Born and raised in Wichita,Kansas, Curtis (more commonly known as Chipp) is the son of retired Salvation Army Officers Majors George and Violet Windham.
For 20 years, Chipp served as a Salvation Army Officer in five appointments across the Midwest both as a commanding officer in three locations and as part of the Divisional Headquarters staff in Eastern Michigan and Northern Divisions.
“I believe in significance. I believe that within each of us, we want to do something that will make a difference. Being part of KVUSA (KVMN) is significant. Here, we have the opportunity to have our voices be heard and our children be shaped into contributing members of society. I believe that is what KVUSA is all about,” said Curtis Windham.
If you would like to welcome Mr. Windham, send an email to windham.curtis@yahoo.com.

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