Many Students Practice Voting in Local Elections

Kids Voting affiliates provided the opportunity for students to participate in local elections this fall. For the complete election results, please click on each affiliate name listed below. Here are some of the impressive total votes cast for each of the affiliates that hosted a 2011 mock election (a few of the totals are still being tallied):
Kids Voting Shakopee (MN): 1,130 students voted
Kids Voting Northern Kentucky: nearly 1,900 students voted
Kids Voting Arizona: 111 students voted in the Phoenix Mayoral Run-off & 81 students
voted in District 18 Recall
Kids Voting Talawanda (OH): 1,447 students voted
Kids Voting Mesa County (CO): 11,560 students or 54 percent of the students voted (Please note that Grand Mesa Middle School was the top voting middle school not Fruita.)
Kids Voting Central Ohio: almost 50,000 students voted
Kids Voting Chester County (PA): 1,492 students voted
Kids Voting Alaska: 1,349 students voted
Kids Voting Greater Las Vegas: not quite 500 students voted
Kids Voting Western New York: 9,610 students voted

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