Other 2012 Presidential Election Resources

Here are a list of other websites that provide 2012 Presidential Election information:

Can I Vote: This nonpartisan web site was created by state election officials to help eligible voters figure out how and where to go vote.

The Center on Congress at Indiana University – Civic Quotes: 64 notable quotes from over 45 U.S. government leaders over the years, enhanced with historical primary source page.

FlackCheck.org: FlackCheck.org uses parody and humor to debunk false political advertising, poke fun at extreme language and hold the media accountable for their reporting on political campaigns.  FlackCheck has a feature where citizens can contact TV stations and demand that inaccurate and misleading political ads be made truthful or taken down.

Google Politics & Elections: Elections hub to study, watch, discuss participate in and make your impact on the digital campaign trail.

Project Vote Smart: At Project Vote Smart, Americans young and old volunteer their time, take no money from special interest groups, and have committed themselves to an extraordinary effort that, if successful, will provide their fellow citizens with the tools for a reemergence of political power not known for half a century.

Rock the Vote: Rock the Vote uses music, popular culture, new technologies and grassroots organizing to motivate and mobilize the young people in our country to participate in every election, with the goal of seizing the power of the youth vote to create political and social change.  Check out their “I’m Pledging to Vote“, “Election Land” and “Democracy Class“.

Vote 411: Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund, Vote 411 is a “one-stop-shop” for election related information.  It provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information on various aspects of the election process.



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