Patriotism Alive – KV Brownsville

Educators attended the third annual “Patriotism Alive” teachers’ workshops hosted by the Center for Civic Engagement’s Kids Voting USA – Brownsville (KVUSA-B) affiliate and the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) on July 24th and 25th. The workshops were open to all Brownsville schools and were conducted on the University of Texas at Brownsville campus.

The goal of the workshops was to introduce the great resources Kids Voting USA has to offer and to provide teachers with materials to assist in promoting KVUSA-B programming. The knowledge gained at the workshops aimed to sufficiently prepare attendees to effectively “train” their campuses.

Through participation, attendees learned how to:

· register and access curriculum activities that can be easily utilized in the classroom,

· vote via the DoubleClick Democracy online voting system, and

· apply alternative methods of introducing Celebrate Freedom Week materials.

Over 45 educators attended the 3-hour trainings and BISD. Attendees included teachers from public, private, and charter schools in Brownsville.

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