DoubleClick Democracy is an online voting service hosted by Kids Voting USA.  Students can participate in an authentic voting experience by using this Web-based voting system.  The online voting ballots replicate the races and issues that are on the adult ballot for each electoral district.  
Why Online Voting?
Online voting provides a nontraditional and progressive means to introduce students to voting and the political process.  It is not a replacement for Kids Voting USA’s traditional paper balloting, but offers an alternative in recognition of the fact that, in some communities, it is the most feasible way to enable a complete Kids Voting experience for students.
How it works….
The system allows students to vote two different ways.  The preferred method is where each student receives his or her own individualized voter identification number.  The unlock code is the second method.  With this process, each ballot has its own unlock code and school code.  The user creates these codes.
Individualized Voter IDs: Every school building in the district is given voting codes (called voter id’s) that reflect the number students enrolled in their building and then each teacher will get codes assigned to them for their entire class.  For example, Superior Elementary School’s 2nd grade class of Mrs. Johnson’s has 24 students.  She will be given up to 35 random voting codes that she can assign to each of her students.  During the actual voting, an adult will have the voting screen up at the school building “polling site”.  Students input their individual voting code to begin.  All voting codes can only be used once.  Students enter their 8 digit code, the system recognizes that student from a certain school and the age appropriate ballot will appear.  If a student gets disconnected while voting, re-entering the voting code is allowed and the student will restart the voting process where he or she left off.  Once the student has voted online and submits, the code cannot be used again and a message that they have already voted in this election will appear.  Student voting codes are not linked in any way to a particular student. 
Voting Results…
Voting results are automatically tabulated and easily accessed by the Kids Voting staff.  This will eliminate the counting of ballots and reporting of results that can be time consuming for such large districts and communities.  Additionally, the Kids Voting staff can create logins for individuals to review the results themselves.  


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